Work Day at Andy's - A Day Out in a Sustainable Home

Carbon Coop organised a visit to the home of Andy Hamilton in the beautiful hills around Rossendale last Friday, on the 4th of August. Andy has been making eco-home improvements for over 40 years.

We joined him in the morning and after a hot cup of tea we started the first part of our day. It consisted mostly of light gardening tasks but some of us helped him with the chopping of firewood. After the refreshing and energising activity, Andy cooked us some delicious soup.

The tired workers then got to ask their questions about things such as Andy's use of hemp lime insulation in the cellar, the pavedro wood fiber insuluation in his lounge, the air source heat pump and solar PVs. Andy later took us and showed all these in action – it was amazing to see how much all these things contribute to the overall comfort and energy efficiency of his home! As a closing part of our visit, Andy showed us photos which he took in the last 40 years and which documented the process of his retrofit step by step.

It was a unique experience to meet with someone so experienced with the day-to-day operation of energy-efficiency technologies who is so enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others. I would recommend it to everyone who’s interested in any form of retrofit: visit a home which is already retrofitted, speak with the owners, learn from their experience.

If you'd like to come along on another visit to Andy's home email