This year Carbon Carbon has been invited to set two challenges to Manchester Science Festival’s annual HackManchester competition, starting on Monday 23rd October. The event will see groups of adults take on a series of beat the clock coding challenges as...

Author: laura
Post date: October 13, 2017

Matt reports back from the EcoHome Lab field trip.

We first met Mike Wilson in 2016 at an EcoHome Lab meetup session '...

Author: Matt
Post date: August 9, 2017
VW Golf GTE charging from 13A socket at rear access to house in Greater Manchester.
The car

The car is a Volkswagen Golf GTE 2017 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

Battery/Range 8.7 kWh (pure EV range ~30miiles) Battery weight 120kg Petrol engine 1.4L turbo Official...
Author: Dominic zapaman
Post date: July 5, 2017
Things Manchester current coverage

Almost a month ago was April EcoHomeLab the first one with the new structure. Now we want to make the time for people to arrive, know what energy monitoring is, see OpenEnergyMonitor stuff in action, fix their own things, listen to a relevant presentation...

Author: carlos
Post date: May 10, 2017
EHL logo

Think and talk. Sometimes this is what we, smart beings, need to do in order to improve.

I started working for Carbon Coop in December 2015 and since then I got very involved in EcoHomeLab. A space for energy enthusiasts that, during the time I have...

Author: carlos
Post date: March 22, 2017

On the 12th of January was last EcoHomeLab session and we had the pleasure to admire ;-) Trystan's new electric bike. A very cool one that he built himself from a DIY kit.

We were 10 people this time, 3 of whom were new or almost new to EcoHomeLab:...

Author: carlos
Post date: February 2, 2017


This January, Carbon Co-op have begun to install smart meter extension (SMX) devices as part of Nobel Grid beginning with...

Author: Jonathan
Post date: January 26, 2017
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Slide of new of new Learn OpenEnergyMonitor website

And we are now in 2017, happy new year? Let's hope so...

Last EcoHomeLab of 2016 happened on the 12th of December at ...

Author: carlos
Post date: January 6, 2017

Carbon Co-op is launching a new project with Dalarna University (Sweden) and Open Energy Monitor to use low cost energy monitors, smart meters, and cutting edge machine learning...

Author: Ben Aylott
Post date: December 2, 2016
MyHomeEnergyPlanner screen shot

It felt a bit quieter this time but still interesting with some hands on work and presentations about emonCMS dashboards, how energuy monitoring changed my :p and MyHomeEnergyPlanner, the tool for house assessments we are developing in CarbonCoop.

Author: carlos
Post date: November 17, 2016

Another busy busy busy EcoHomeLab.

Many things happened this time: not only we had to carry on working on the HomeEnergyMonitors that some people started building in September's session, there was also some troubleshooting needed, a video recording...

Author: carlos
Post date: November 2, 2016

Community energy has been hard hit by cuts to renewable subsidies and It is a time of great change and uncertainty for those in the sector. In this blog post I look at some of the ideas for the way forward for community energy. We will be discussing all...

Author: Ben Aylott
Post date: October 18, 2016
EcoHomaLab Sep 2016

Loaded with soldering irons, electronic components, tools and pure clean ready to go printed boards we got into our mission: build our own Home Energy Monitor systems.

Again, time goes by and I don't take into my blogging role, but everybody in...

Author: carlos
Post date: October 7, 2016
EcoHomeLab August 2016

Sorry, sorry, sorry... I know, next EcoHomeLab is this week and I am posting the blog of the previous one now. My excuse: I went on holidays the day after the session and despite I tried to write it I didn't finished before I was off. Anyway here it is....

Author: carlos
Post date: September 6, 2016

Last week I attended Intersolar & EES Europe (, a huge three day trade exhibition on all things related to solar power and electrical energy storage. Many of the latest solar and storage...

Author: Ben Aylott
Post date: June 29, 2016
Everybody who came

Last EcoHomeLab was on the 9th of June at MadLab, second Thursday of the month as always. Mix of topics this time, lots of interesting information, discussion and some deep techyness ;)

We were seven people, six...

Author: carlos
Post date: June 17, 2016

A hacker's meet up on smart metering, smart home, smart grid... smart ideas? Sounds interesting, promising and the kind of place where Carbon Co-op needs to be present. After a bit of discussion we all agreed Carlos there you go. So there I went with the...

Author: carlos
Post date: May 3, 2016

Through the Nobel Grid project, Carbon Co-op are developing and testing ideas around householders using smart meters to enable collective action. But what does this mean in reality and what are the potential benefits?

Author: Jonathan
Post date: March 23, 2016
Dom McCann outside his retrofit home
Delving Deeper into (the marginal rate of) Carbon Intensity

The aim in this blog post is to set out the main environmental and electricity consumption parameters that will need to be collated, measured and acted upon as part of the community smart grid...

Author: Dominic zapaman
Post date: January 25, 2016

Dom McCann.jpg

Carbon Co-op will pilot a community smart grid in Manchester with between 100 and 200 householders, assisting them to work together to save energy, reduce bills and reduce carbon emissions through...

Author: Dominic zapaman
Post date: December 16, 2015
ecohome lab image


EcoHome Lab launched this weekend (19th/20th April 2013) with two fascinating and involving events taking place at MadLab...

Author: Jonathan
Post date: April 22, 2013
home energy kit


We've been working with the brilliant ...

Author: Matt
Post date: March 10, 2013
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