Carbon Co-op Podcasts

Energise Festival
Manchester, 1st April 2017

Listen to audio recordings of the following events:

  • New Populism - Learning to talk with people we disagree with
  • Retrofit Question Time
  • Effective Climate Communication with George Marshall
  • Carbon Co-op AGM 2017

Carbon Co-op Info Night: Financing Retrofit
Manchester, 28th Febuary 2017
Kellay (Carbon Co-op) speaks with Bill Taylor (TAC Consulting), Jon Lee
(Ecology Building Society) and Andy Woodcock (Co-op Culture and Acorn
Co-op Support) about financing retrofit.

Carbon Coop Info Night_Financing Retrofit - AUDIO FILE

Carbon Co-op Info Night: Trades Perspectives
Manchester, 29th November 2016
Aneaka Kellay (Carbon Co-op) speaks with Bill Butcher (Green Building Store), Chris Dawson (Nesthaus) and Gervase Mangwana (Waxwing Energy) about their experiences as retrofit contractors.
Carbon Coop Info Night_Trades Perspectives - AUDIO FILE