Community Green Deal Case Study released

Carbon Co-op has pioneered a way of supporting homeowners to invest in making their homes warmer and more comfortable – while reducing their energy use by around half, in line with Greater Manchester’s climate goals.

Our ‘Powering Down Together’, is published to coincide with Community Energy Fortnight 2017. It reports on the retrofit of 12 owner-occupied solid-walled homes typical of Manchester’s housing stock. By upgrading the fabric of homes and adding PV panels, cuts of 40-60% or more were made in both energy consumption and emissions, at a level of capital spending that homeowners were willing and able to invest.
Greater Manchester’s new mayor Andy Burnham has said he aims to cut the city region’s emissions by 48% by 2020 - which will require thousands of home retrofits. By combining individual advice and shared action, the “Community Green Deal” has shown a way for these goals to be achieved, says the project team.

As well as dramatically reduced energy bills, homeowners who participated in the project say:

CARBON CO-OP OFFER - Green Building Store

Green Building Store have extended their offer to Carbon Co-op members until December 2017.

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Carbon Co-op Info Night: Batteries! Batteries! Batteries!

Come along to find out all about adding a battery system to your home solar system! 

The widespread adoption of energy storage systems are seen as one of the building blocks of the future energy system. However, there is currently a bewildering array of options for householders who want to add them to their existing home solar system to enhance self-consumption or for those considering their inclusion in a new installation. 

In this free info night we will talk about the case for battery storage, how battery storage systems work, and what options may be suitable for your home or business. There will also be a chance to speak to a Carbon Co-op member with a battery system and put your questions to our expert staff.