My Home Energy Planner - retrofit asessments

The first step on your whole house retrofit journey. My Home Energy Planner is an in depth survey carried out by our award winning retrofit consultants URBED. We sit down with you to understand how you currently live in your home, look at your current fuel bills and understand your priorities. Your report outlines the detailed improvements you need to significantly save on fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions.


You’ll get:

  • A bespoke, 40+ page report on your home’s retro t potential
  • A detailed set of costed improvements drawn up to your budget and priorities – ‘Whole House’ - considering comfort, health and ventilation alongside energy
  • A wealth of information to help inform your retrofit works
  • Follow up support and advice packages


Priced at £500, My Home Energy Planner is designed to be used on whole house retrofit projects.
Householders have used the report to inform projects from low cost DIY scale to over £100,000.

Developed over the past five years, our assessment methodology based on full SAP (the UK’s Standard Assessment Procedure), is open source and has been tested and evaluated against real world retrofit projects.

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  • Author– Jonathan
  • Date— October 15th, 2017

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