Carbon Co-op Info Night: Retrofit Performance

This March we are being joined by industry professionals to explore retrofit performance.

When thinking about energy efficient home improvements insulation often comes to mind. While the focus on insulation is understandable, it's important to remember that this is only one part of the puzzle.

With retrofit, the devil is in the detail. Airtightness, cold bridges and the detailing make a huge difference to how well a retrofit performs. By performance, we mean how well a retrofitted home saves energy in reality compared to modelled assumptions.

At this info night, we will be joined by Marianne Heaslip (URBED), Diane Hubbard (Green Footsteps) and Dom McCann (Azymuth Acoustics UK, Carbon Co-op). Our expert panel will use real-life examples to discuss how householders can best manage the performance gap.

Speakers will present on the issues of collecting and evaluating data, airtightness, thermal bypasses and other key factors to consider when retrofitting.

Fintan Wallace of Ecological Building Systems will also present a case study of a retrofitted traditional building using Diathonite Evolution.

Food will be provided. Booking is essential.

This event has been sponsored by Ecological Building Systems.

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Speaker Biographies

Diane Hubbard, Green Footsteps

A mechanical engineer, Diane’s interest in building physics arose a number of years ago with the realisation that our existing buildings are crucial to reducing our environmental impact. After the completion of her MSc at the Centre of Alternative Technology and academic publications, she continues to increase our understanding of this field through a combination of research and project work with clients.

Working as Green Footsteps (, Diane undertakes airtightness testing, infrared thermography and energy calculations for new buildings and those about to undergo retrofits. She is a Passivhaus Consultant, Passivhaus Tradesperson and a Level 2 Building Thermographer.

Marianne Heaslip, URBED

A chartered architect with interests in urban design, sustainability and participative design. She holds an MSc in Advanced Environment and Energy Studies from the Centre for Alternative Technology, and is a Certified Passive House Designer. She worked on pioneering TSB ‘Retrofit for the Future’ projects with the lessons learned through this work applied in her role on the Carbon Coop’s retrofit 'Community Green Deal’ programme.

Dominic McCann, Azymuth Acoustics UK and Carbon Co-op

Over 25 years experience as an acoustic engineer within the field of acoustic consultancy, architectural acoustics and noise control. In 2001 Dominic established Azymuth Acoustics UK ( as an independent acoustic consultancy. This background has given Dominic solid foundations in data collection and analysis.

Alongside this professional experience Dominic has maintained a keen interest in sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental issues. As part of that interest Dominic has been tracking his household energy use for approximately 15yrs. More recently Dominic's house received a comprehensive retrofit as part of the Carbon Coop green deal go-early project. His involvement in this project lead Dominic to voluteer to collate and analyse the energy use data for the other houses which formed part of the project.

Fintan Wallace, Ecological Building Systems

Fintan Wallace is an Architectural Technologist at Ecological Building Systems. Graduating from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2011 with a B.Sc (Hons) in Architectural Technology, it was here in D.I.T’s Bolton Street where Fintan developed a strong interest in low energy and Passivhaus design. From here he continued his studies becoming both a Certified European Passivhaus designer and tradesperson. Fintan has travelled to Baden Württemberg in Germany to study passive housing and sustainable energy technology, gaining significant knowledge regarding the use of natural insulations in timber frame and solid wall constructions. Latterly Fintan has been involved extensively in a deep energy retrofit of a property to the Enerphit standard in the west of Ireland.


  • Author– Aneaka
  • Date— February 2nd, 2018

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