Green Open Homes Weekend 2018

Visit inspiring eco-homes!

Learn how to get your home warmer, healthier and greener!

Have you got questions about how to go about insulating your home? Do you want to understand how others have thought through making home improvements? What to know how others have found trades people? Keen to see what is possible? Check out open homes on


OPEN HOMES - Homes that have had energy efficiency improvements are open for one weekend.
BUS TOUR - Come along on a free tour of eco-homes.
WORKSHOP - Attend an introductory workshop: Beginners Guide to Retrofit


Open homes - Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018.
Introductory workshop + Bus Tour - Saturday 29th September, 10:30am - 5pm.

Locations across Greater Manchester


For more information and to book visit:

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