The Great Energy Escape

An immersive game, designed and delivered by Energy Democracy Greater Manchester and Carbon Co-op as part of Manchester Science Festival 2017.

Read on for your mission briefing from Manchester's Energy Commander.

Agents! We need your help.

I’m the Commander, Chief of City Operations, one heck of a bassoon player and I completed my bicycle safety training in record time. It’s my honour and duty to brief you on your mission.

I’m sorry to say that all the electricity in our dear city has gone down. We’re in grave danger and we need a team of expendable… I mean, skilled agents (that’s you, of course) to break into the ancient 1970’s control room, re-boot the system, and get our city’s energy back online. We only have half an hour before the whole city shuts down for good. It’s up to you.

Oh, and agents: keep your wits about you. There’s no telling what relics those mad scientists left behind all those years ago. And of course, this is a secret operation - so if you get stuck in there, you’re on your own.

Wind farm

The Great Energy Escape - panel discussion event

As part of the Manchester Science Festival 2017, Carbon Co-op and Energy Democracy Greater Manchester are running the Great Energy Escape, an immersive game exploring the challenges of the energy transition we're all now involved in.


In this follow up event, we ask about electric vehicles, smart homes, power blackouts and municipal energy. What does our future energy system look like in Greater Manchester and beyond, how quickly will things change and how will citizens be involved?

Back to school - new Carbon Co-op training programme 2017/18 launched!

We've spent a lot of time recently thinking about how we can support you to improve the fabric of your homes and replicate the example of householders who have already made large scale reductions in their home energy use.

So we've put together a brand new 2017-2018 Training Programme to help you take the short cuts, benefiting from our expertise and vast network of specialist retrofit building professionals.

This expert programme covers everything you need to transform your home, from a 'Beginners Guide' to in depth sessions on Ventilation, Off Grid Power Systems and Draught-proofing skills - it's all here!

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