Green Open Homes Weekend 2018

Join us for an inspiring weekend of eco-home visits, meet and speak to people who've retrofitted their homes and find out what home improvements are possible.

Talking Windows with Green Building Store

Aneaka puts member questions about windows to Chris Herring, Director of Green Building Store.

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  • Author– Aneaka
  • Date— July 5, 2018
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GM Energy Futures prospectus

Greater Manchester stands on the brink of an energy system transformation, with new business model opportunities, citizen and worker engagement channels, and innovative forms of governance emerging.

We propose Greater Manchester Energy Futures a bold and ambitious, municipal enterprise with the ability to act as convener of new partnerships and initiator of energy and infrastructure projects. Such a company has the potential to radically re-configure the regional energy system for the benefit of citizens, customers, workers and the wider environment, in a way that generates resources for re-investment in services and infrastructure.

Here we collect a series of potential ventures for GM Energy Futures, each prospectus imagines the company at a different stage of its development in the years ahead, allowing the reader to track it progressively extend the scope and scale of its operations as new opportunities emerge and capacity and confidence grows.

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  • Author– Jonathan
  • Date— March 21, 2018
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