Carbon Co-op in Stockport Bus Tour


The Big Red Bus Tour of Green Houses is an opportunity to visit homes that have made radical reductions in energy bills and carbon emissions.

Are you a resident of Stockport Borough?

As part of a pioneering project, we have arranged a bus tour of eco-homes open and free for the residents of and around Stockport, on Sunday the 20th of October.

Carbon Co-op technical partners demonstrate 80% retrofit is possible and at the right price

Community Green Deal report

Carbon Co-op partner URBED recently launched their Community Green Deal report at a major conference in West Bromwich on the 1st December 2010.

The report, funded by Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP), Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Travis Perkins, presents the findings of work to develop a model for community-scale delivery of whole house retrofit.

Carbon Co-op are currently using this model to role out a mechanism for delivering household retro-fit that will benefit from the profitability gained from renewable energy installations.

FS01: Whole House Retrofit Assessment Method

This study was commissioned by the Carbon Coop to help develop an assessment tool and methodology for whole house retrofit. The Carbon Coop is interested in both the promotion of carbon reduction methods generally, and potential involvement in the ‘Green Deal’ household retrofit programme, due to be launched in Autumn 2012.