GMLEM Citizens’ Jury Findings Feedback Session

An opportunity to hear from jury members on how they think GM's local energy market should be governed.You are invited to attend this workshop on the GM Local Energy Market (GMLEM) citizens’ jury.This session will bring together citizens’ jury members, GM Local Energy Market (GMLEM) partners and key stakeholders to hear the jury’s findings, and ... Read more

PowerShaper Flex Introductory Webinar

PowerShaper Flex - Introductory WebinarA welcome webinar for participants new to PowerShaper Flex!Agenda:What is PowerShaper Flex?Why is the trial taking place?When will things happen?Q & A - your questions about the trial

EcoHome Lab: Monthly meetup and skill share

Online event

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now in our regular monthly slot - every second Thursday of the month. A hangout for people taking control of their home energy usage and generation. We use open-source hardware and software to gain a better understanding of energy in our homes, how to make the best use of the energy we generate and ... Read more

Powershaper Flex webinar – intro to DSRs

A session on what to expect from DSR events and how to get in contact with us.We're really excited to begin demand side response (DSR) events in October. But first we thought we'd hold an intro webinar for PF participants on what to expect from DSR events and how to get in contact with Carbon ... Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Retrofit

This online beginners guide explores basic ideas and concepts of retrofit and home energy efficiency.Zoom link for joining the webinar: do we mean when we talk about energy efficiency and retrofit? We are returning with an established introductory session, exploring the basic ideas and concepts of retrofit, helping you get to grips with how ... Read more