Assessment tools and methodologies

The first step in any energy efficiency project is to baseline a property’s current energy performance before modelling the impact of any future improvements. This gives the householder, contractors and any professionals involved an objective framework for designing a retrofit and evaluating the impact of work carried out.

The depth and detail of an assessment depends on who is delivering it and the resources available. Some are low cost or can be carried out by the householder, others are detailed and more costly in terms of time and resources, carried out by specialists.

Working with technical partners URBED, Carbon Co-op has developed a range of assessment tools and methodologies for use in a variety of scenarios.

Our approach is:

  • We take an evidence-based approach, emphasising current best practice and quality over assumptions, we use real world data monitoring to constantly improve our tools.
  • Our tools and methodologies are open source – this means anyone can interrogate our working models and assumptions and anyone can contribute learning and development.

As well as making these tools available to householders and end users we also make them available to other Community Energy groups and organisations that share our values – on a consultancy or social franchise basis.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a consultancy project.

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