Power Shaper (Coming Q3 2019)

The Power Shaper service pays members for providing flexibility to the electricity grid by turning things on,off, or even exporting power on demand.

Carbon Co-op technicians will visit your home and install equipment enabling your existing smart appliances to provide flexibility to the grid. You will then be paid for participating in periodic ‘stress’ events where you will help to keep the grid in balance.

We will automatically optimise the operation of your smart appliances to minimise any disruption to you and if you have a smart tariff we will help your smart appliances use power when it is cheapest, saving you even more money.

The service is due to launch later in 2019 and requires a compatible smart appliance (examples are given below) and a smart meter (installed for free by your supplier on request). More details coming soon.

You may also be interested in our smart meter data service available now for all members for free: