Home retrofit and energy efficiency works

Carbon Co-op exists to enable its members to make radical reductions in household carbon emissions and energy bills.

We take a ‘whole house’ approach, a holistic view of the entire property, implementing packages of complimentary improvements to give far greater efficiency savings – our target is to help our members reach performance levels necessary to meet 2050 carbon reduction targets – 17 kg CO2/m2/a.

Here’s the services we offer to enable members to meet those targets:

Step 1: Become a member

Sign up to Carbon Co-op £35/year, access free advice and forums as well as special offers and programmes

Step 2: Assess your home’s performance, create an action plan

Carbon Co-op carries out whole house assessments, profiling your home’s current energy performance and creating an action plan of costed measured to enable you to reach the 2050 targets.

  • Flat – £400
  • House (3 beds or less) – £500
  • House (4-6 beds) – £720
  • Bigger – call for a quote

Step 3: Carry out retrofit works

i) Carbon Co-op consultancy services

You may choose to take forward your whole house retrofit action plan with a designer or architectural practice of your choosing. In this instance Carbon Co-op are able to offer access to our technical support and advice through our architectural consultancy services.

Options include use of our energy modelling services and access to technical detail advice. The service is priced at £500+VAT/day. Contact us for more information.

ii) DIY approach

You may choose to take an DIY approach to your retrofit. Carbon Co-op membership is a useful way to obtain advice and information to inform the work you do via our forums and factsheets.

We also offer a range of training packages including workshops on procurement of services.

Also, from time to time, we have bulk discounts and offers which members can take advantage of on items such as windows.