Whole House Retrofit - A Community Green Deal

Carbon Coop's unique Community Green Deal programme has worked with 12 owner occupiers around Greater Manchetser to transform their homes in to high spec, '2050-standard' eco show houses, retrofitted to achieve emissions reductions of 80%.


This DECC-funded project, working in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Authority, is rehearsing key elements necessary to achieve an 80% whole house retrofit including a whole house assessment, zero interest loan, access to ECO subsidy, procurement of trusted contratcors and design and specification of works.

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Working closely with technical partners URBED, Carbon Co-op comissioned a single contractor to install the multiple measures and improvements necessary to meet high performance energy standards. The work is being monitored and evaluated by the University of Salford. 


The programme is a chance for householders who want to improve their homes to 2050 standards whilst working with other like-minded residents carrying out the same works - reducing the costs and the worries of embarking on such largescale works. The household retrofit works average £40,500 each and include internal and external insulation, solar PV panels, triple glazed windows and doors, passive stack ventilation systems, underfloor insulation and more.



Work on the first batch of homes was carried out over the first six months of 2014. The works can be highly disruptive and evaluation will focus on how this work might be made easier in the future to enable greater roll out.

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What householders have received:

  • A free, whole house retrofit assessment, above and beyond a standard Green Deal assessment, detailing current performance and all the measures required to meet 2050 standards
  • An in depth appraisal with Carbon Co-op, plotting out packages of energy saving measures and costs
  • A discussion of finance options including access zero interest loans
  • Where applicable, access to ECO subsidy on certain measures
  • Architectural services from URBED to specify delivery of works
  • Access to trusted, experienced suppliers and installers through a traditional contract administrated by URBED
  • Monitoring equipment from University of Salford to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of measures installed

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To get involved in future retrofit programmes:

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Please note, this project is a pilot and does not fall under the official 'Green Deal' with its associated protections and warranties, all measures are Green Deal-like, simulating how the eventual scheme will operate.