People Powered Not Fossil Fuelled

Carbon Co-op is an energy services and advocacy co-operative that helps people and communities to make the radical reductions in home carbon emissions necessary to avoid runaway climate change.

News from Carbon Coop

New report advocates ‘bottom-up’ approach to retrofit

24 Jun 2019

PRESS RELEASE: On Saturday 22nd June, 2019 at the Community Energy Conference 2019 [1], Greater Manchester-based social enterprise Carbon Co-op published its report recommendations for kicking starting a new market for domestic, owner occupier retrofit in the UK using trusted community energy intermediaries, on site training for local contractors and engaging householders through innovative community-based … Read more

Carbon Co-op at the Community Energy Conference 2019

20 Jun 2019

We’re looking forward to a busy day at the Community Energy Conference 2019 in Sheffield this weekend (Saturday 22nd June), we’ll be talking about retrofit, new online energy tools, local flexibility and a range of other things, here’s an outline of what we’ll be up to. People Powered Retrofit project report Since Autumn 2018, we’ve … Read more

Carbon Co-op AGM 2019 + Green New Deal for Homes

3 May 2019

The Carbon Co-op Annual General 2019 took place on Friday 26th April 2019 at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester and was followed by an event examining the Green New Deal and its impact on homes and housing. You can read a pre-event primer about the Green New Deal and housing here. The event featured … Read more

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