Hulme & Moss Side 2050 events – building a future for our communities

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Can our homes be made energy efficient, if so how would that work?

We need to cut the average amount of energy our homes use by 80% to deal with climate change and rising fuel bills.Carbon Coop have been having a look at the options and want to know what you think would work, what wouldn’t and why.

We are running two events with residents in Hulme and Moss Side:

Yard Theatre
Work for Change, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme M15 5RF
6.30-8.30pm, Thursday 15th March 2012

Claremont Pub
124 Claremont Road, Moss Side M14 4RR
7.00-8.30pm, Thursday 22nd March 2012
Free, informal, food provided

The Carbon Co-op and residents in Hulme from Homes for Change (the Yellowbricks) and Bentley House (the Redbricks) and in Moss Side from the The Avenues Residents Association have been working with energy expertsURBED on detailed assessments of the properties for both retrofit options (insulation etc.) and community renewable heating systems.

This is not a consultation about any planned developments, so don’t get your hopes up, we are just trying to build up models of how communities might take control of energy usage and want to find out what people think about both what is possible and desirable. Advice will be on hand though for anyone interested in taking the ideas forward.

Have your say, get involved, eat free grub!
Places are limited, RSVP: or call 0161 408 6492
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