Energy monitor give away

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Free energy monitors + a chance for membership or cash bonus

Carbon Co-op has been commissioned by Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) to distribute free electricity monitors and we want to pass the benefits on to our members. To apply click here.

What's on offer:

  • Free electricity monitors exclusively for members and their friends and neighbours
  • Access to a pilot online energy display dashboard
  • For each new household members recruit to the scheme we will offer free Carbon Co-op membership or £25 in cash.

About the project
We need to recruit 50 households to the project, and have all monitors installed by Spring 2013. Each household will receive an energy monitor with an online dashboard and will be expected to complete two participant questionnaires (taking no more than 10 minutes each to complete).

If members can recruit additional householders (friends, family or neighbours) to take part we'll thank them with one of the following:

  • A free membership for the recipient household worth £35
  • A free renewal for the member worth £35 or
  • £25 in cash for the member or a good cause of their choice e.g. a local sustainability group

We can deliver the monitors to your household or distribute them at upcoming workshops but expect you to take them to your contacts and oversee their installation. Carbon Co-op can troubleshoot any problems by phone or email.

Who is the project open to?
To receive a free monitor, householders need:

  • A single phase electricity supply with an easily accessible meter
  • An internet router with a free port
  • Two free plug sockets near the router to power the monitor and internet-link box
  • To live in the Greater Manchester conurbation

Want to apply?
To apply for a monitor, download and return this form to

There is room on this form for details of your contacts who wish to install monitors and for you to indicate which rewards you want. If you have questions contact Jonthan by email or on 0782 861 7933.

Deadline for applications is Friday 22nd February 2013 – NB Now extended to 5th March 2013.