Profile your home’s energy performance

by Blog

In order to improve your home's energy usage it's essential to understand how you currently use energy and which measures will help reduce that figure. Delivered by assessment experts, our householder energy survey profiles your home in detail. Carbon Co-op offer household energy surveys, enabling residents to get detailed technical information about their home's energy performance with the aim of reducing bills and emissions by up to 80%. A detailed architectural survey carried out by our award winning retrofit consultants clearly outlines specific packages of improvements that your house or flat needs to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions, saving you money as well as helping the environmental. Carbon Co-op have worked with specialists URBED Co-op to develop and deliver our standard household energy assessment. What you'll get: – An detailed technical understanding of how you use energy in your house and where you can make improvements – An in depth report you can pass to builders and contractors outlining the measures your house needs to meet 80& reduction, 2050 energy efficiency standards – A cost benefit analysis of these measures outlining what will pay off and how much will it cost Full details available soon.