On the Home Front – tackling the issue of domestic energy efficiency

by Blog

Can households dramatically reduce their energy consumption? What can the social sciences tell us about the most effective policies? And, how do the UK government’s existing policies measure up to what cutting-edge research and practical experience tells us?

University of Manchester’s Sustainable Consumption Institute and the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand are bringing together leading thinkers from the world of social science, policy and practice to grapple with challenges of reducing household energy use.

The event features a participatory workshop, networking reception and expert panel Q&A. Facilitated by Jonathan Atkinson from Carbon-Coop and the Sustainable Consumption Institute’s Dr Victoria Johnson. Panel includes Marianne Heaslip (Manchester-based architect), Dr Mari Martiskainen (Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand), Councillor Kate Chappell, Juliet Davenport, CEO Good Energy.