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LoftZone are offering Carbon Co-op Members 20% off all StoreFloor parts and kits*

Loft storage options after insulation are often tricky, as you can’t squash the insulation (eg with boxes or boards) as that reduces its effectiveness. One solution is to build a raised platform yourself. Another faster and lighter solution, is to use the LoftZone StoreFloor product, which can be fitted DIY or by professional installers.

StoreFloor is a lightweight, easy-to-install and very strong platform for storing items and walking on, while protecting your loft insulation. LoftZone are offering 20% off their StoreFloor parts and kits.

Things to consider:

Air gap – To prevent moisture build up you must account for at least 29mm air gap between the top of your insulation and the underside of the raised floor. Carbon Co-op recommends a 50mm air gap to really make sure there is a clear air-path.

Level of insulation – Carbon Co-op recommends 400mm topped up insulation. Depending on the height of your joists and the size of your air gap, the LoftZone product may be used to protect around 350mm of insulation. However, more insulation can be accommodated by using small blocks of timber to raise the StoreFloor supports up.

Just for storage! – This kind of raised floor in lofts is great for storage, and best not to use for creating a floor in a habitable room. And it would be wise not to cover your whole loft (especially over bathrooms) but just the storage area.

Carbon Co-op members can access details of the offer by calling LoftZone on 01483 600304 and quoting their membership number.

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