Carbon Co-op Annual Report 2016

by Blog

In the past one support organisation, Pure Leapfrog, described us as ‘all action and no talk’ a sort of a compliment but also part of the impetus for us to tell more people about the good things we do.

This is the first ever Carbon Co-op annual report, produced in response to these bits of advice and our most recent member’s survey revealing people want to know more about the organisation and the range of activities we are involved with.

2015 was an exciting year for Carbon Co-op and one that saw great change. Large, long term projects such as Community Green Deal came to fruition with remarkable carbon reduction performances achieved (up to 92% carbon reductions), we embarked on a new smart grids project  and for the first time we employed paid staff.

Our Strategy Day in May helped build a consensus on where the organisation is heading and as a result we employed Aneaka Kellay, our new membership development worker and carried out a new members survey.

This report provides an organisational overview, summarising progress to date and outlines future work. But it is not set in stone and if you want your say on future direction let us know your views or attend our next Strategy Day meet up.

Read it in full here: