Financing Retrofit

by Blog

This February we are joined by three specialists to discuss the pertinent issue of financing retrofit.

As those planning to retrofit will know, it’s difficult find to appropriate, affordable finance. With a lack of low cost financing and ‘payback’ being tricky to calculate, securing finance is often a key barrier.

At this Info Night, we have invited finance specialists to help us explore ways forward: Jon Lee, Business Development Manager, Ecology Building Society; Andy Woodcock, Acorn Co-op Support and Co-op Culture and Bill Taylor Taylor Armitt Consulting Ltd.

This event was supported by Ecology Building Society.

[0:00:00] Introduction

[0:02:08] Presentation by Jon Lee of the Ecology Building Society about supporting retrofit and renovation projects.
[0:24:23] Presentation by Bill Taylor from Taylor Armitt Consulting Ltd about general issues to do with funding and the approach of lenders and valuers.
[0:54:50] Presentation by Andy Woodcock, Acorn Co-op Support and Co-op Culture about the Radical Roots funding scheme for co-ops.

[1:14:00] How do the EBS interest rates change over time?
[1:17:50] Is the green building market mature enough to mainstream retrofit?
[1:25:11] How can Carbon Co-op set up a low interest loan fund.
[1:27:13] Does radical roots charge interest?
[1:28:30] The problem of increasing housing prices.
[1:30:44] The role of trade unions in funding retrofit.
[1:31:46] Investing in Radical Roots.
[1:32:33] A quality label for retrofit.
[1:33:43] When will EBS give a loan?
[1:36:40] What does the process of getting funding look like?
[1:42:56] The role of local government in funding retrofit.
[1:46:50] The move towards less risky loans.
[1:50:30] Advancing social and political support for retrofit.
[1:56:42] The position of elderly people.