Listen in! Energise Festival – audio recorded sessions

by Blog

New Populism – Threat or Opportunity?

0:00:00 Introduction by Jonathan Atkinson
0:03:50 Talk by Sheila Menon (Reclaim the Power)
0:11:50: Talk by George Marshall (Climate Outreach)
0:2810: Talk by Kooj Chuhan (Metaceptive and Virtual Migrant)
0:46:00: Discussions in small groups (not audible)
0:57:25: Group discussion

Retrofit Question Time

0:00:00 Introductions
0:03:51 Q1: The importance of passive ventilation
0:12:00 Q2: Experiences with passive houses
0:22:25 Q3: Floor insulation
0:35:00 Q4: Issues with water under houses
0:40:30 Q5: Retrofit on a budget
0:54:35 Q6: How to know whether cavity wall insulation is still working

Carbon Co-op AGM

0:00:00 — Intro Jonathan Atkinson
0:02:18 – Presence and apologies
0:03:38 – Minutes of last meeting
0:04:07 — Review of the year and introduction of ‘ends’
0:14:20 – The year ahead
0:16:15 — Questions
What about the batteries, has that project gone anywhere?
In terms of finance is there any possibility of working with Manchester Credit Union?
0:19:10 — Julian Tomlin our Treasurer, went through the treasurers report.
0:27:04 — Questions
0:31:00 – Decision making