Retrofit Performance

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At this Info Night we are joined by industry professionals to explore retrofit performance.

When thinking about energy efficient home improvements insulation often comes to mind. While the focus on insulation is understandable, it’s important to remember that this is only one part of the puzzle.

With retrofit, the devil is in the detail. Airtightness, cold bridges and the detailing make a huge difference to how well a retrofit performs. By performance, we mean how well a retrofitted home saves energy in reality compared to modelled assumptions.

At this info night, we are joined by Marianne Heaslip (URBED), Diane Hubbard (Green Footsteps) and Dom McCann (Azymuth Acoustics UK, Carbon Co-op). Our expert panel will use real-life examples to discuss how householders can best manage the performance gap.

Speakers present on the issues of collecting and evaluating data, airtightness, thermal bypasses and other key factors to consider when retrofitting.

Fintan Wallace of Ecological Building Systems will also present a case study of a retrofitted traditional building using Diathonite Evolution.

This event was supported by Ecological Building Systems.


Marianne Heaslip – Sweat the Small Stuff

Diane Hubbard – 10 things to think about that aren’t insulation

Dom McCann – Measure it!

Fintan Wallace – Diathonite System

Members socialising