Green Summit 2019: what will Greater Manchester’s Energy Future look like?

by Blog

At last year’s Green Summit Carbon Coop launched Greater Manchester Energy Futures, a bold and ambitious policy proposal: the creation of a municipal enterprise with the ability to act as convener of new partnerships and initiator of energy and infrastructure projects.

A key success following this policy proposal was the announcement by Greater Manchester Combined Authority of the planned establishment of a municipal energy company. Over the past year the Mayor and his team have been developing proposals for what this energy company will look like. All eyes are now on the Green Summit 2019 to see what the end result will be.

We believe that an energy company, in fitting with our vision, has the potential to radically re-configure the regional energy system for the benefit of citizens, customers, workers and the wider environment, in a way that generates resources for re-investment in services and infrastructure.

Below you’ll find a copy of our proposal and a video summary of the project, documenting a series of proposed ventures the GM Energy Futures company might undertake. Each prospectus imagines the company at a different stage of its development in the years ahead, allowing the reader to track it progressively extend the scope and scale of its operations as new opportunities emerge and capacity and confidence grows.

Whilst these project ideas are purely speculation, all have a basis in present day technologies and pre-figurative initiatives running elsewhere today, all can be replicated in Greater Manchester in this unique enterprise – see the accompanying notes for details.


These documents are the product of work carried out by a multidisciplinary research team from the ‘People’s Republic of Energy’, a project initiated by Carbon Co-op and Energy Democracy Greater Manchester.

The original publication coincided with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s Green Summit in March 2018, and sought to contribute to the debates and discussions that surrounded this event and future local and national policy making.