Retrofit Coordinators sought

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With fast growing demand for the People Powered Retrofit service, we are recruiting a bank of consultant Retrofit Co-ordinators to assist us with delivery. Most of our work is in Greater Manchester and the surrounding area – so you will need to be reasonably local. If you have a Retrofit Co-ordinator qualification or the equivalent work experience then get in touch and apply to join our team.

Deadline: rolling, next review dates:
– 5pm, Monday 21 December 2020
– 5pm, Monday 25 January 2021

Location: Greater Manchester, UK

Start date: ASAP

Status: Self-employed consultant contracted directly by Carbon Co-op

How to apply: email with a CV and maximum two-page letter outlining how you meet the requirements set out below and including two professional references.

Please clearly indicate your day rate. We require consultants to be holding the required level of Professional Indemnity insurance cover. Please state the amount you are insured up to. 


Carbon Co-op ( is an award-winning and fast growing not-for-profit, social enterprise based in Greater Manchester, UK. Carbon Co-op pilots innovative low carbon projects and provides support services to householder co-operative members and the wider community.

URBED ( is an award-winning research and design practice with a national reputation for high quality, deep retrofit design and specification. URBED has extensive experience of work with contractors in specification, site inspection and quality assurance of retrofit works.

People Powered Retrofit is an unincorporated partnership between URBED and Carbon Co-op, funded under the BEIS Retrofit Supply Chain pilot programme. It is a unique, community-focussed service to assist Greater Manchester domestic owner occupiers in retrofitting and refurbishing their homes to high environmental standards. The end-to-end service incorporates advice, assessment, design development, specialist investigation, retrofit co-ordination to assist with procurement and QA, and evaluation. The service does not currently aim to work with housing providers.

We are recruiting a bank of consultant Retrofit Co-ordinators to meet fast growing demand from our householder clients, assisting them at key stages of their retrofit journey and helping them to overcome barriers and obstacles to progress. A detailed outline of service areas and tasks is listed below. You will report to our People Powered Retrofit service team. You will be required to work with our People Powered Retrofit systems including bespoke templates harmonised within PAS2035 and our in house ICT , QMS and CRMsystems.

You will be contracted at a pre-agreed rate for a pre-agreed set of days, delivering a pre-defined scope of tasks over our three co-ordinator service areas of Advice and Coordination, Procurement and Quality Assurance. As individual retrofit projects progress the scope of works and additional days may be approved.



  • Level 5 Diploma in Domestic Retrofit Coordination (or be able to demonstrate equivalent work experience).


  • AECB CarbonLite Retrofit Course
  • Carry Construction Skills Certification Scheme Health and Safety Card for Professionals or Trades

Skills and experience


  • Lived experience of carrying out retrofit works in a domestic setting and experience of working with domestic refurbishment clients.
  • Construction industry experience such as working as a Contractor, Surveyor, Site Manager/Agent or Clerk of Works etc.
  • A deep understanding of the principles of Building Physics as relating to the fabric of existing buildings and the potential consequences of retrofit energy efficiency measures
  • A good understanding of a range of building services systems – particularly heating and ventilation systems
  • Experience of on-site monitoring tools and their appropriate use, eg one or all of:
    • Thermal imaging
    • Air Pressure tests
    • Moisture meters
    • Flow and pressure meters for ventilation systems
  • Clarity in the use of written communications ie email, letters, texts.
  • Effective use of oral communication, in person and remotely by phone.
  • Understanding of how the construction industry is structured and the different roles and elements within a building project.
  • Knowledge of project risk management in construction in relation to control of time, quality and cost.
  • Knowledge of PAS2035.


  • Experience of delivering training and/or carrying out on site knowledge transfer.
  • Experience of building energy modelling – SAP, PHPP or similar.
  • Experience and understanding of commissioning in mechanical and electrical systems (ventilation and heat)
  • Excellent knowledge of Greater Manchester Retrofit supply chain networks
  • Retrofit Assessor qualifications. 

N.B. You will not be expected to act as a Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, Designer or Contractor under CDM. However, you should show good awareness of Health and Safety on site and be willing and able to raise concerns where appropriate. You will also be expected to inform the client of their duties – standard materials will be provided by Carbon Coop to facilitate this. 

Person specification


  • You must live within the ‘travel to work’ area for Greater Manchester where the majority of our clients are based.
  • Ability to talk confidently to other project stakeholders eg householders, contractors, planners, architects, engineers, building control officers etc
  • Able to work with and for householders, enabling them to achieve their objectives and project brief
  • Sensitive communication skills including conflict management and resolution
  • An excellent problem solver able to think around issues and devise simple solutions
  • Highly organised
  • Ability to manage time and financial budgets
  • Ability to deliver clear, consistent and regular communications without being prompted
  • Understanding of when to seek clarification from other colleagues or experts.
  • Taking a considered and proportionate approach to risk.
  • Able to work independently
  • Comfortable taking part in knowledge exchange and group learning exercises
  • Can critically reflect on projects and participate openly and honestly in project debriefs and take on board constructive criticism from colleagues.


In broad terms, the role of a Retrofit Co-ordinator is defined within PAS2035. The role as it relates to People Powered Retrofit covers three main areas: Advice and Co-ordination, Procurement advice and Quality Assurance.

1: Advice and co-ordination services

Aim of these services:

  • Set client expectations as to what can be achieved (working with our Retrofit Advisor)
  • Assist client decision-making
  • Ensure clients take an appropriate direction through their Retrofit Project in terms of scale, costs, other priorities etc

What We Will Do

  • Signpost clients to relevant information e.g. factsheets
  • Highlight case studies and sources of advice
  • Outline options for client’s Retrofit Project in terms of service level (whole house retrofit, single measures) and delivery pathway (Traditional, Design & Build, DIY etc)
  • Outline People Powered Retrofit services available and optional additional services to be carried out by specialist consultants such as a heat camera survey, air pressure test, condensation risk etc.
  • Assist clients in refining their Retrofit Project brief
  • Help clients to identify additional specialist services/advice required
  • Highlight statutory approvals that clients may require
  • Provide clients with feedback on the Retrofit Project progress to date i.e. time/costs spent
  • Facilitate discussions between client and contractors and designers to agree scope/ measures/ specification [limited number of meetings]

What We Will Not Do

  • Give informal and/or general technical opinions on work or buildings not seen
  • Provide specialist advice e.g. on party walls, planning, rights to light or legal matters relating to property rights or title
  • Prepare and make submissions for: Planning; Building Control; Party Wall; Rights to Light/legal issues

2. Procurement advice services

Aim of these services:

  • Assist clients in procuring their Retrofit Project.
  • Ensure clients secure a suitably experienced contractor for their Retrofit Project.
  • Encourage the development of a quality retrofit supply chain in Greater Manchester.

What We Will Do

  • Provide suggestions for items to be included in prelims (a document to be provided to the contractor).
  • Ensure clients are aware of any pre-existing relationships with contractors.
  • Provide quality assurance checklists and information on process for inclusion in the works contract (from a template developed by People Powered Retrofit).
  • Provide contact details to clients for potential contractors and broker access to local contractor networks.
  • Offer market intelligence on expected prices, competencies, supply chain networks etc.
  • Review tender package for clarity and usefulness and provide appropriate client feedback.
  • Provide guidance on a range of suitable standard form contracts.
  • Provide a People Powered Retrofit quote template to be sent to potential contractors.
  • Provide a suggested tender review checklist/weighting template.
  • Review tender returns – providing feedback on quality and cost.

·       Advise clients on contractor training needs and plan.

What We Will Not Do

  • Enter into a contract with any contractor, builder, supplier, installer or trades.
  • Decide which contractor is most suitable for clients.
  • Issue instructions to the contractor.
  • Be liable for additional contractor or client payments at a later stage.
  • Facilitate collusion of any sort.

Clients will

  • Make contact with contractors and be point of contact to answer any of their questions.
  • Make final decision on chosen contractor and appoint them directly.
  • Provide a chosen specification and construction information for the works.

3. Quality assurance services

The aim of these services is to provide a framework to monitor and assess the quality of work carried out under a contract between the client and their contractor.

We Will

  • Provide a People Powered Retrofit template quality assurance checklist relevant to the client’s Retrofit Project confirming what needs to be checked and recorded.
  • The programme can provide agreed training/toolbox talks on specific issues e.g. air tightness.
  • Carry out an agreed number of site visits at appropriate points (will be different for different works) and provide written notes and photos from these to the client in a timely manner i.e. within 48 hours.
  • Facilitating email or round table (maximum 3) discussions between the client and their contractor and designers to resolve obstacles/issues.
  • Provide guidance on commissioning.

What We Will Not Do

  • Make good any defects in the works.
  • Issue instructions (clients should appoint a contract administrator to do this or carry out this role themselves).

What Clients Will Do

  • Include the requirement for quality assurance photos and checklist and commissioning requirements in their contract with the contractor.
  • Agree to post-completion monitoring (in line with PAS2035).
  • Raise quality issues with their contract administrator and/or contractor.
  • Provide access to site.