People Powered Retrofit community shares issue launched

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The People Powered Retrofit community shares issue is now live! Here’s the low down on what’s going on, why, and how you can help.

All the details about the share issue are available on the Ethex platform:

People Powered Retrofit is issuing ‘community shares’ in order to generate money to expand the work we do. The money will help us retrofit more homes, train more people in green skills and create new software to help others replicate what we’ve done.

Why we’re doing it

The key reasons we’re doing this are:

  • to create a simple, powerful way to tackle climate change.
  • to improve householders’ health and wellbeing.
  • to generate new green jobs and improve local economies.

How people invest

We’re trying to raise £550,000, the offer opened on 6th September and closes on 30th November 2021. This is an equity investment – not a donation or a crowdfunder. Investors are buying a share of the People Powered Retrofit community benefit society, they become co-owners on a one member, one vote basis. People can invest as little as £250 up to £55,000, and this is eligible for 30% Social Investment Tax Relief and interest of up to 5%. Companies and organisations can also invest.

The community shares issues has been put together by members of the People Powered Retrofit team with the support from advisors from Culture Co-op. The share issue has received the Community Shares Standard Mark.

To invest you need to visit the Ethex page, which includes an offer document setting out the terms of the investment and a full business plan:

How you can help

Shares issue launch event