People Powered Retrofit Community Shares issue

by Blog

There’s just over three weeks remaining to invest in the People Powered Retrofit Community Shares issue which is nearly two thirds funded. Investments are eligible for 30% Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) and are forecast to receive up to a 5% return and investors become co-owner members of this unique organisation.

More information and investments can be made here:

The deadline for investments is 30th November 2021.

People Powered Retrofit will use the investment to expand their work to meet fast growing demand for domestic retrofit in Greater Manchester and beyond. Operations include a unique, owner occupier retrofit service, an award winning green skills training programme and the development of a series of ‘tech for good’ software tools to assist retrofit professionals.

As well as servicing 60+ domestic clients in Greater Manchester, People Powered Retrofit is working to replicate elements of the service in Cumbria, Devon, Scotland and the South West of England. Full terms and conditions, an extensive business plan and more information can be found on the Ethex platform.

Over the past few months, the service has received extensive press coverage, have a look here.