Join us for our first RetroMeter webinar!

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“Calculating metered energy savings from retrofit- methodology findings from the RetroMeter project” on 13th March 2024 11am GMT

There are many benefits to measuring actual energy savings due to home retrofits, using metered energy data. Measuring these savings involves comparing how much energy was used after the retrofit with a “counterfactual”, ie how much energy the household would have used in the same period if retrofit had not happened.

But how do you actually calculate this counterfactual? This question is being examined, in the UK context, through the RetroMeter project, drawing on work done internationally via OpenEEMeter.

At this webinar, data scientists from Energy Systems Catapult will discuss the models they have tested and developed for calculating metered energy savings, through the RetroMeter project, including:

  • How the models work
  • In what circumstances different models can be used
  • The performance (accuracy, bias) of different models
  • Data sources and data accessibility issues for data needed for different models

You can register here.

RetroMeter project is being led by Electricity North West  in collaboration with Energy Systems CatapultEnergyPro LtdCarbon Co-op and Manchester City Council.