A 3 year innovation partnership project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The EBENTO project aims to develop an integrated platform for all actors involved in the building renovation sector.  It will be a one-stop-shop platform to enhance the coordination and management of energy performance contracting (EPC).  The platform will bring together the needs of all actors involved in enhancing the building stock.

Focusing on the citizens as key players in the energy transition, it will help them in their decision-making to invest in energy efficiency.  It will help all those with an interest in upgrading the housing stock to identify and carry out energy efficiency improvement works.

The platform will explore:

  • The validation of new business models for optimising available financial resources.
  • The best financing and collaboration schemes to set up energy services.
  • How to enhance current energy performance contracts for Demand Side Mechanism services.
  • Which investment options will increase the amount of energy efficiency projects in a city or region.

EBENTO will gather data on energy performance, comfort, financial schemes, technologies and competencies.  It will provide this data through tailored interfaces to interested parties.  For householders it will help to build trust in investing in new solutions; for companies it will provide relevant information to reduce costs and replicate work undertaken.

The EBENTO ecosystem aims to be an essential cornerstone in facing the current gaps for the uptake and acceleration of building renovation projects. It will focus on the high capital costs, administrative burdens, complexity of financing and subsidies being mainly available only for large renovations projects with good payback periods.

Project innovations will address small scale, but also deep renovations, for low-income households, including those in fuel poverty.

The results will be tested and validated in 4 demonstrators – on residential buildings in Spain, Greece, Estonia and UK.  We will be carrying out the UK pilot study to test the use of the platform by co-operatives.  The study will follow retrofit works on several homes in Manchester.  Low to middle income householders will be engaged and we will work with them to design the works based on their requirements.  Monitoring will be carried out before and after the retrofit to support the development of the platform.

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