Home Retrofit Planner

Home Retrofit Planner

Part of the People Powered Retrofit one stop shop service, Home Retrofit Planner (formerly known as My Home Energy Planner) is an in-depth domestic energy survey. The aim is to help you plan your retrofit project by profiling the energy performance of your home and identifying costed improvements.

Home Retrofit Planner is different to many home assessments, such as Energy Performance Certificates, because it considers a wide range of factors, not just energy and carbon emissions. For example, Home Retrofit Planner considers householders’ motivations for retrofit, their priorities and preferences as well as factors like comfort, health and indoor air quality.

For more information, please visit the People Powered Retrofit website here.

Home Retrofit Planner will help householders to create a whole-house retrofit plan even if they decide to do the work in stages rather than all at once.

You can enquire about an assessment here, or email us on info@retrofit.coop.