Home Retrofit Planner

Home Retrofit Planner assessment

Part of our People Powered Retrofit service, Home Retrofit Planner (formerly known as My Home Energy Planner) is an in-depth survey carried out by award-winning retrofit consultants URBED. Our aim is to help you plan your retrofit project by profiling the energy performance of your home and identifying costed improvements.

Home Retrofit Planner is different to many home assessments, such as Energy Performance Certificates, because it considers a wide range of factors, not just energy and carbon emissions. For example, Home Retrofit Planner considers householders’ motivations for retrofit, their priorities and preferences as well as factors like comfort, health and indoor air quality.

How does Home Retrofit Planner work?

  1. Firstly, we conduct a pre-assessment screening of your home by sending you a simple questionnaire before we visit. We’ll also ask you for energy bills, an Energy Performance Certificate if you have one, any construction drawings you might have, plus planning and building approvals or certificates.
  2. Then we visit your home at an arranged date and time and sit down with you to understand how you currently live. This is where your Retrofit Project Brief will come in handy.
    • We want to hear about your motivations, priorities, preferences and perceptions. We’ll ask about your future plans, timescales and budget.
    • We’ll carry out a visual inspection of your property’s condition.
    • Our assessor will conduct a measure survey and a thermal image survey to identify energy inefficiencies.
    • We’ll take lots of photos to help with our assessment.
  3. Back at the office our team will create an energy model of your home as it is now. We’ll use this to develop three potential retrofit scenarios based on low, medium and high intervention measures.
  4. The next step is to give you a 30-page PDF report explaining the findings of the assessment. We’ll also include three costed retrofit scenarios plus approximate performance outcomes. Recommendations will range from ‘quick wins’ to deep retrofit measures and they will include likely time scales.
  5. To clarify the report findings, we’ll arrange a 30-minute follow up consultation where you can ask any questions you have.

With prices starting at £550 for a standard sized home, Home Retrofit Planner will help householders to create a whole-house retrofit plan even if they decide to do the work in stages rather than all at once.

Find a Sample Report here.

You can book an assessment below, or email us on info@carbon.coop.