Innovate UK Calderdale Retrofit Challenge

This project will investigate area-based retrofit options, develop local supply chain solutions, and raise awareness about retrofit benefits across the Calderdale Borough. The project is a collaboration between Calderdale Council, Carbon Co-op, and Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub, funded by and forms part of Innovate UK’s Net Zero Living Programme  and runs from July 2023 to the end of July 2025.

As part of this team, Carbon Co-op will be researching and developing feasibility studies for area-based approaches to retrofit for Calderdale.

Retrofitting is crucial in Calderdale, where about 50% of private sector homes were built before 1919, particularly in hard-to-treat stone terrace styles. According to Calderdale’s Emission Reduction Pathway, buildings account for 51% of the borough’s emissions. To achieve net zero, approximately 69,000 homes need retrofitting. The Calderdale Retrofit Challenge project aligns with the borough’s draft Climate Action Plan, focusing on creating warm and resilient buildings as part of the strategy to meet the net zero target by 2038.

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