mPower is a Horizon 2020-funded peer learning programme to help municipalities in creating a fair, clean and democratic energy future. Cities of all sizes and energy system experience can apply with the programme running from 2019 to 2022. The project will facilitate the development and replication of innovative municipal energy system projects which maximise citizen control and benefit.

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European cities, particularly in Germany, Denmark and France, are municipal energy innovators running distribution networks, supply companies, renewable generation, citizen participation processes and finance for energy projects. Other cities across Europe are investigating their options for municipal energy and are looking to learn.

mPOWER will map existing municipal energy policy and identify innovations, best practice, as well as obstacles and barriers. The action will enable participant authorities across Europe to (a) learn from replicable best practices, (b) recognise risks, obstacles and blockages, (c) identify and commit to replication pathways that best suit local needs, (d) incubate at least 30 new and improved municipal energy policies and projects within the project duration. Lessons learnt will be disseminated publicly and through target networks in easily accessible format for replication.

An estimated 3.9GWh/year can be saved and 40.8GWh/year renewable capacity installed through replicating practices between participant cities within the action (respectively 9.8GWh/year and 108.8 GWh/year within three years of project end). This can be scaled up around Europe through wider replication, promoted by Energy Cities and partners beyond the project’s lifetime.

mPOWER’s project consortium brings access to an active network of cities committed to energy transition (Energy Cities, IPE), experience in energy policy (Platform, Energy Cities, IPE) and energy innovation (Carbon Coop), public services experts (UGLA, Basque University, TNI), and years of innovative peer-learning projects (Platform, TNI, IPE).

Get involved

The project features a variety of learning package options tailored to each participant’s learning style, location and time commitment.

Benefits of mPower

  • In depth understanding of emerging low carbon municipal energy models.
  • Up to three years of bespoke expert support.
  • Visits to leading cities.
  • A network of municipalities facing similar issues.
  • A personalised plan and incubator programme to put learning into practice.

What you need to participate

  • Commitment – between 30 and 250 hours depending on learning stream.
  • Agency – ability to mobilise resources, implement projects and influence local policy.
  • Enthusiasm – willingness to share knowledge and ideas.
  • Institutional backing – political and operational support.

How do I join?

Apply online via this short form (15-20 minutes to complete). Shortlisted cities will be interviewed by telephone or receive field visits. Applications deadline is the 21st December 2018.

mPower is open to all urban local authorities from EU-28 countries + Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRoM, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia.