Power in the City

Energy surrounds us, enabling and controlling our lives in a multiplicity of ways. But our seemingly stable energy system is in transition and flux as new technological innovations emerge such as solar panels, electric vehicles and information technologies, and radical, new ideas emerge on how the companies that generate, distribute and supply energy might be organised, owned and regulated.

How did we get here? What do we already know but may have forgotten? And why did the electric comb never quite make it!

Led by artist Britt Jurgensen and anthropologist Hannah Knox and commissioned by Carbon Co-op and Energy Democracy Greater Manchester, we invite you to join an exploration of Manchester’s energy system, it’s past, present and future.


The walk is part of Carbon Co-op and Energy Democracy Greater Manchester’s action research project, The People’s Republic of Energy, which is exploring future models for the participation of citizens and workers in the provision of energy.

The first walk coincided with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s Green Summit and seeks to contribute to the debates and discussions that surround this event and future local and national policy making.

Our second round of walks will take place during the winter of 2018 through to spring 2019.