Project Heat Pump

Have you had a booklet through your door?

A warm welcome to Manchester City Council tenants, we’d love to hear about your experience of using your heat pump. Fill in the survey below and receive a voucher (to spend in high street stores) as a thank you for your time.

What is Project Heat Pump?

Project Heat Pump is being run by Carbon Co-op and Shortwork, with the support of Manchester City Council. The aim of the project is to empower social housing residents to maximise the benefits of their heat pumps, opening up opportunities to save money on their bills, through more appropriate tariffs and other incentives.

Why do we need this project?

A lot of our homes are switching to heat pumps, away from boilers that run on fossil fuels like gas. Housing providers (like Manchester City Council) have installed lots of these already and plan to do more. We know that heat pumps can work brilliantly (sometimes being as good as 300 to 400% efficient – which means that for every unit of electricity they need to run, you get 3 or 4 times out of them in useful energy). However, we also know that heat pumps can work less brilliantly (an under-performing heat pump might be only 100 to 200% efficient) – and there can be lots of reasons for this.

We also know that people with heat pumps (and other technologies like solar panels and batteries) can take advantage of new payments and incentives offered by energy companies and network operators. But a lot of people don’t know about these, or how to take advantage of them. We believe these benefits should be available to everyone. We want to do this project to find out what barriers residents experience when using a heat pump, how well the heat pumps are performing, and how we can design systems and user guides to help residents access the benefits.

Who can participate in Project Heat Pump?

We have lots of ways for Manchester City Council renters with heat pumps to get involved, from dipping your toes in to more involvement. This could be:

  • sharing your experience of using your heat pump and managing your bills (via a short survey, and/or workshops and interviews)
  • having some kit installed so that we can learn more about how your heat pump is working for your home
  • helping us design and review guides and tools so that more people can benefit from these technologies.

Most importantly we want to hear the good and/or bad. We want to understand if things are not working well so we can suggest changes, and we want to spread the word about how to do it well!

Take part in a short survey

We’d like to get the views of lots of households through a survey about your heat pump. To take part in the survey you must:

  • Be a social housing resident in Manchester City Council housing
  • Be living in a home which has a heat pump already.

We can offer a £25 voucher for completing this survey, with a limit of one response per eligible household, up to 150 responses. The survey link is here, and at the top of this page.

Have monitoring kit installed

We’re looking for 35 households to host monitoring kit. This is a total number across the two year project. The kit will include a device (about the size of a pack of cards) to visualise your energy use and some temperature and humidity sensors (about half the size of a phone). To receive the kit you need:

  • a heat pump
  • a smart meter (or be willing to have one installed)
  • an internet connection.

We can offer vouchers worth £300 (paid in stages) for the 35 homes that agree to host kit and engage in more detailed research.

Take part in interviews and/or workshops

If you don’t have a smart meter or internet connection you can still participate in interviews and workshops. The main criteria for taking part in interviews and workshops is that you’re a social housing resident in Manchester City Council housing. We can make contributions to expenses that enable you to attend local workshops.

We’ll be adding more information to this page soon

This will include more information about:

  • the monitoring kit – what it looks like and who will fit it
  • the kind of data we’ll collect and how it will be used
  • payments and voucher information
  • photos of our team.

Where does the funding for this project come from? 

This project is being funded by Energy Redress, which is a scheme that distributes payments from energy companies who may have breached rules. Projects are focused on those most at risk from cold homes and high energy bills. It’s administered by the Energy Saving Trust and overseen by Ofgem. Our project runs until mid 2025. You can find out more about Energy Redress and the projects they fund at:

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