Retrofit Calderdale

Retrofit Calderdale is a year long project based in Todmorden. It focuses on a community learning and sharing programme around how everyday people can plan and start retrofitting their homes to improve comfort, reduce energy bills and lower their carbon footprint. During 2023, the project will bring together experts and residents in monthly workshops and events, and carry out a Retrofit Community Champions programme for a small group of local residents. We will also be running a training event for local contractors to improve skills and knowledge around retrofit. 


Retrofit Community Champions

Eight local residents will become Retrofit Community Champions through this scheme. They will undertake a Home Retrofit Plan to assess their home’s current energy performance and possible improvements, and share this plan with friends, family and neighbours to help others living in similar homes to picture their route to retrofit. 

We are no longer accepting applications for Retrofit Community Champions for this project.


Community Workshops

Monthly workshops will be running from February to May 2023, around various retrofit topics. These workshops aim to teach practical DIY and retrofit planning skills for householders, suitable for both homeowners and renters. Workshops are beginner friendly.

These workshops are free for residents, but pre-booking through the Eventbrite is essential. 

You can join our mailing list here to keep up to date with workshops. We will only use this email address for the duration of the project to email you about upcoming workshops and events. You can be removed from this list at any time by emailing us at

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April 2023: Flooding and Retrofit

On Wednesday 19th April we are running an event at Tod College for householders looking at the link between flooding and retrofit in Calderdale – why it’s important, what can be done to make our homes more resilient and how a community approach can be powerful.

During the session, you will:

  • Learn about the impact of flooding on homes
  • Learn the difference between resistance and resilience measures
  • Learn how retrofit and flood resilience can be combined
  • Hear examples of community level responses to flooding and how we might protect our homes
  • Understand which organisations provide further advice in relation to flooding and homes.

There will also be a practical activity: we will look at some maps of the area, explore different types of flood risk and add your local knowledge.

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May 2023: House Assessments

Our fourth and final workshop in this project will explore what House Assessments are, how they can provide guidance in understanding your home energy efficiency or inefficiency as it is now and what approach of retrofit measures can be implemented. In this workshop, we will also have the opportunity to reflect on the learnings gained and also review the next steps beyond this project for householders who have engaged with the programme. 

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Past events

March 2023: DIY Draught Proofing

In our second workshop, 25 Todmorden householders joined us to explore the issue of airtightness and draughtproofing with great enthusiasm!

The workshop packed a lot of learning and discussions around principles of ventilation, and the benefit in creating systems in our home that help us control ventilation and what airtightness in all this, means. We looked at various DIY products on the market to help us manage draughts and help with draughtproofing. The time went by really fast, filled with great discussions and Q&As.

February 2023: Thermal Imaging Cameras

We learnt what thermal imaging cameras are, how they work and how they can help you gain useful knowledge about the energy efficiency or inefficiency of your home. We did a short walk around the streets nearby the venue to practise using thermal imaging cameras to spot heat loss. We also discussed possible ways of accessing and borrowing thermal imaging cameras to use on your own home. 

A presentation on heat pumps

Someone using a heat pump, pointing it at a window.

Contractor Training

As part of this project we plan to run the “Retrofit Fundamentals” course, which will give local contractors and construction professionals, working in Todmorden/Calderdale, a starting point for getting into retrofit, the future of the building industry.

Run by experienced People Powered Retrofit trainers, this two-day course will help you to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of eco-retrofit works,
  • Build on your existing construction knowledge and skills,
  • Get up to date with the latest green building techniques, products, and regulations,
  • Find new business opportunities in retrofit.

Pre-registration for this training is open

By pre-registering using this Eventbrite page, you will help us to gauge interest in the course. Once pre-registered, you will be the first to find out first when dates are confirmed and get exclusive access to register for a place on the course. There will be no obligation for you to go on to register on the course: pre-registration is an expression of interest.

If you are a local contractor working in Todmorden/Calderdale and have any questions, please email us at


To contact us directly about this project, please email us at