Access Your Smart Meter Data

Carbon Co-op members can access data from their smart meter through our website for free as part of their membership. Most smart meters (including SMETS1 meters) are compatible.

You can check the compatibility of your smart meter using our free tool.

If your meter is compatible with our service you will need to sign-up as a member to access the service.

Check meter compatibility

Using our Energy Usage Visualiser you are able to see your half-hourly gas and electricity usage as well as the carbon intensity of your energy usage. You are also able to see average weekly, monthly, or annual use profiles. Your half hourly usage data can be downloaded in .csv format and the data is generally available from the date you installed your smart meter – not just from when you sign up to our service.

We are currently working on big changes to our smart meter service which will enable you to understand your energy use in even greater detail, and to integrate your smart energy appliances to take control of your home to save energy and radically reduce carbon emissions.

If you are already a Carbon Co-op member you can log-in to the Hub and if your meter is compatible add it directly now.

Add your meter