PowerShaper Monitor

PowerShaper Monitor is Carbon Co-op’s own smart meter platform, letting you monitor your home’s energy use and carbon impact using the data from your smart meter for just £1 per month. View your energy data from anywhere you can reach the internet – no app required, no widget to connect!

The easy-to-use dashboard shows you half-hourly, daily or monthly usage totals for any time period. Data is stored for as long as you want it, from up to 13 months before the date you sign up, for both electricity and gas meters (if present).

PowerShaper Monitor also allows you to

  • View the carbon emissions associated with your energy use – changing with the availability of renewables on the grid halfhour by halfhour
  • See the average daily pattern of your energy use over any period of time
  • Download your data in CSV format
  • Access your data using a REST API (read the documentation here)

Most smart meters are compatible with PowerShaper Monitor, including older SMETS1 meters. If we can’t communicate your meter we will tell you before we ask you to pay anything. If it turns out that we still can’t get your data out of your meter then your payment will be refunded automatically.

A PowerShaper Monitor annual subscription costs £12 but Carbon Co-op members get free access to one meter included in their membership.

See more and sign up on the PowerShaper website.