FS01: Whole House Retrofit Assessment Method

by Blog

This study was commissioned by the Carbon Coop to help develop an assessment tool and methodology for whole house retrofit. The Carbon Coop is interested in both the promotion of carbon reduction methods generally, and potential involvement in the ‘Green Deal’ household retrofit programme, due to be launched in Autumn 2012.

This methodology is not just about the energy modelling tool used, though this is important, but also the need to consider real-world constraints and preferences in householders decision making, and how this will influence the choice of measures deployed. These influences may include physical constraints, such as the size and construction of the property, as well as social and financial constraints, such as limits on ‘pay as you save’ type returns among households that have already undertaken basic measures and have generally low levels of energy use. This study has enabled an understanding of the implications of existing real life situations for the Carbon Coop’s whole house retrofit offer. This is likely to have an impact on financial structures and models, education and engagement programmes, and marketing and development. Through all of these it will affect the future carbon dioxide emissions of Carbon Coop members.