Carbon Co-op Factsheet 3 – Retrofit Procurement

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Retrofitting your home can be a daunting prospect, but with the right planning, expectations and team you can have the home you want, on the budget you have. This will be different for each person and each house; there are many ‘routes to retrofit’, though there are also definitely some ways to avoid! Time and … Read more

Carbon Co-op Factsheet 2 – Solar PV panels

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Solar photo-voltaics (PVs) generate electricity, made from layers of photo-electric material (usually silicon). In  sunlight this generates a current, turning sunshine in to power. Producing your own electricity at home is an appealing idea but there is a more to consider than simply ‘plugging in’ some panels. Most systems are connected to the mains electricity … Read more

Carbon Co-op Factsheet 1 – Windows


Windows are often the most visible aspect of a retrofit but making decisions about them can be difficult with lots of contradictory and technically complicated information out there. This factsheet sheet aims to simplify that process, focusing on the key criteria to consider. As with other retrofit measures, thinking and planning up front can save … Read more

Ask the Expert no.5 – Sofie Pelsmakers

On Friday 8th May 2015, (the morning after the UK general election), Lorenza Casini of Carbon Coop had the pleasure of talking to Sofie Pelsmakers, a chartered architect and environmental designer with more than a decade of hands on experience in designing, building and teaching sustainable architecture. View it here: They spoke about Sofie's … Read more

Ask the Expert webinar: no. 4 Routes to Retrofit

Click the image below to view a YouTube video of our recent webinar for Carbon Co-op members looking at contracting routes for householders considering whole house retrofit.  Or visit this page: The webinar video lasts an hour but you can view the section content and running times below.  Also, we asked presenters Bill Taylor and Marianne Heaslip to offer their top three tips on procuring … Read more