EcoHome Lab July 2017: Adventures in Home Automation

Matt reports back from the EcoHome Lab field trip. We first met Mike Wilson in 2016 at an EcoHome Lab meetup session 'From Monitoring to Control' exploring the recent integration of the building blocks of home automation (MQTT, NodeRED and OpenHAB) into the EmonPi, the central base-station for the OpenEnergyMonitor system (view session presentation). In … Read more

Carbon Co-op pilots demand response services at Lancaster Cohousing

This January, Carbon Co-op have begun to install smart meter extension (SMX) devices as part of Nobel Grid beginning with Halton Mill, a business centre which forms part of the Lancaster Cohousing development. Lancaster Co-housing is a co-operative co-housing development in Lancaster in the North West of England consisting of 60 new households built to … Read more

Call for participation: Electricity demand forecasting using Machine Learning Project

Carbon Co-op is launching a new project with Dalarna University (Sweden) and Open Energy Monitor to use low cost energy monitors, smart meters, and cutting edge machine learning algorithms to forecast electricity demand and micro-generation in a community smart grid. The project will create a virtual community smart grid by using data collected from energy … Read more