A Guide to Using Hemp & Lime for Natural, Zero-Carbon Insulation


In late April we were fortunate to host Prof. Tom Woolley (architect and natural building pioneer) for a practical workshop on using hempcrete/hemplime for construction and retrofit insulation. Here, Matt Fawcett shares some of tips and learning from the session and outlines why it makes such an excellent low carbon building material. So what exactly … Read more

Hack Lab: How to Make the Energy System More Equitable?

People in workshop

In November 2018, the Carbon Co-op held its first hack lab. Organised in collaboration with UCL anthropologist Hannah Knox and community business practitioner Britt Jurgensen, the hack lab was designed to bring together people with diverse perspectives on a changing energy system to explore how to make the energy system more equitable.

Finding the right builder!

Aneaka Kellay takes a look at the challenges faced by those seeking to find the right retrofit builder, alongside what Carbon Co-op is working on to overcome these – including hosting the upcoming Routes to Retrofit course which empowers householders to understand and navigate the construction industry.