Call for participation: Electricity demand forecasting using Machine Learning Project

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Carbon Co-op is launching a new project with Dalarna University (Sweden) and Open Energy Monitor to use low cost energy monitors, smart meters, and cutting edge machine learning algorithms to forecast electricity demand and micro-generation in a community smart grid.

The project will create a virtual community smart grid by using data collected from energy monitors and smart meters to forecast electricity demand and generation in a group of consumers using historical and live electricity and weather data. This is useful for helping to predict times when electricity demand will be matched to local and national renewable generation which is important for creating a more flexible electrical grid and increasing the utilisation of renewable energy.

The project will begin in February 2017 and we are seeking interested volunteers from amongst the Carbon Co-op membership and others to participate. Those involved will need to have an existing Open Energy Monitor or will be provided with one by Carbon Co-op at a discounted price. Results and software developed for the project will be open source and contributed back to projects like Open Energy Monitor and emoncms.

To get involved you can fill out the following simple form. Or send an email to

Link to form: