Carbon Co-op meets Ed Davey

by Blog

Carbon Co-op yesterday made a presentation on our retrofit model to Ed Davey MP, Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Ed was in Manchester to review the eco-credentials of the new Town Hall development.

The short presentation went down well and Carbon Co-op got to the opportunity to outline our Community Green Deal model. The Secretary of State was particularly interested in our approach of reaching a mass market for whole house retrofit through early adopters and the need to have a few, high quality show homes in order to strengthen consumer confidence in the technologies involved.

It turned out that Ed was very familiar with the work of Carbon Co-op as whilst a minister at BIS he set up the Buy Better Together Challenge that we are currently shortlisted in. As he left he wished us good luck in the final pitch which takes place on 9th November.

Cooler Projects also presented on their Carbon Literacy project and they certainly made an impression!