Meet Carlos – New to the Carbon Co-op Team

by Blog

Hi, Carlos here, the new addition to the amazing team of Carbon Co-op workers.

My job is Technical Development Worker, my role: work with Matt and Jonathan in the exciting NOBEL Grid project to ensure that the new hardware which will be developed is compatible with existing OpenEnergyMonitor (OEM) infrastructure and will meet the requirements of the Carbon Coop membership.

But that is not all, I am also working developing MyHomeEnergyPlanner, an online tool to enable householders to understand current energy usage and decide which energy efficiency improvements might best suit their home.

And now a bit about me: I am Spanish but have lived in Wales for the last 6 years. I studied Telecommunications Engineering (specialized in electronics) but work on software and web development. I have three wonderful kids that make life a proper engineering job and I love them so much.

I am an energy enthusiast and I enjoy working/playing/developing OpenEnergyMonitor and anything related with sustainability. My previous job was at the Centre for Alternative Technology mainly doing its website but also a carbon calculator for households, another one for diets (including a nutritional advisor) and the OpenEnergyManagement system based on OEM.

I believe in the power of communities in terms of social justice and fairness. As it says in my job description I am here because a smart grid owned and run by a co-operative of householders will demonstrate significant advantages over one that involves individual standard users. And I want to add if we (the users that come together) lead the process, the result will be for the benefit of us all and not just for the profit of some. For these reasons I am proud of being part Carbon Co-op.

Hoping to meet you all one day,