Shift energy use to reduce carbon

by Blog

Are you interested in using energy more effectively to reduce carbon? Have you got solar PV panels/an electric vehicle/a heat pump?

Over the next two years we will be looking to test kit that will help you 'demand shift' i.e. shift your energy usage to match times when there are more renewable online.

As many of you know Carbon Coop is a partner in the European Nobel Grid project, which aims to investigate whether a co-operatively run smart grid can enable us to better match our energy consumption to renewable energy production. There are good times and bad times to use energy depending on what the weather is doing and put simply the aim of this project is to see how much we can shift our electricity use from times it is produced using fossil fuels to times when it's produced from renewable sources.

We have a limited number of web controlable devices, such as plug-sockets and LED lightbulbs which we can install free-of-charge to Carbon Coop members who are interested in being involved in the project. The aim is to demonstrate how much of our energy we are able to shift so we are particularly interested in households who have high use devices such as Electric Vehicles or Heat pumps and those who produce their own energy, through for example solar panels.

If you would like to be involved in this project write to – with the following details.

  • The make and model of your electricity meter
  • Your electricity supplier
  • Which (if any) of the following things you have in your home a) PV solar panels b) electric vehicle c) electric heating sytem d) Ground/air/air exhaust heat pump.

Find out more about the Noble Grid project here.