Keep it Clean!

by Blog

On March 9th, Community Energy organisations will be making a public declaration that we want clean energy to power the North. As a part of the call there will be an interactive art installation in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens.

The installation will spell out ‘Keep it clean’ in one-metre-high letters, which light up when people hold hands to connect the electric current. When more people hold hands, the lights change colour. Passers-by will be invited to interact with the sculpture by olding hands and making the bulbs light up. There will be a photo call at 6:30pm.

The purpose of the declaration is to ensure that whatever comes of the Northern Powerhouse idea, it has clean energy and the wishes of northern people at its heart.

So head down to Piccadilly to add your conductability to the call!

Key Info:

Location: Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester Date: Wednesday 9th March Time: 6:30-7pm Activity: interact with beautiful art installation and get your photo taken