Carbon Co-op May Social

by Blog

Come along to Nexus Art Cafe for some food, tea and talk about our exciting new project Green Shift.

This evening social will be a chance to meet other members, socialise and find out more about Green Shift. While (almost) all of us are connected to the energy grid, not many know that the amount of carbon in the grid will vary throughout the day. While the sun is shining and the wind is up, there will be more renewables in the grid, and this will change over the cycle of days and seasons.

Not only is the carbon intensity shifting all the time, but societies use of energy also rises and falls as we get home from work, watch tv and put the kettle on. Many challenges face district network operators (DNOs) who match supply and demand regionally. What we are excited about is the potential for communities to work together to shift their energy uses to face these challenges and support the development of a low carbon grid.

As Carbon Co-op members you are invited to get involved and be a part of the experiement! Come along to this social to find out more.

Refreshments will be provided.