Next EcoHome Lab: Build you own Home Energy Monitor system

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Our friends from OpenEnergyMonitor are releasing a new DIY energy monitor (through hole kit) and we are organizing a workshop for those that are still not monitoring their energy usage. Get your kit, come along and build it yourself.

Trystan Lea who has been working hard to develop this low cost monitor will be there with us to answer all our questions.



Who is it for

No any special skills required. Better if you have done soldering before, but if not, this is the chance to learn. Also once the board is built we'll have to connect it to the computer and upload the software that makes it work.

So for those who are not initiated, this is a great oportunity to gain confidence with electronics. For the others who already know, it's the chance to expand their knowledge and see the results of their work by understanding their energy usage and hopefully reduce carbon emissions.

Getting the kit

The cost of the kit which includes all the basics to monitor electricity consumption is £66.75, but we have been offered a 20% disccount for CarbonCo-op members bringing the cost down to £53.64.

Not a member yet? Join us here for £35 and get access to all our members benefits.

What after this session

Probably if you don't finish the build up you will want to carry on at home 😉 But if it is not the case, don't worry, October's EcoHomeLab is planned as a continuation of this one. So if you need to finish the build up, something is not working or you want to expand the functionality (like adding extra sensors for gas monitoring, temperature, humidity, etc.) we'll ensure that there is time and people to help. On top of that, in October's session we'll create dashboards in to help us understand our energy use and make the most of our energy monitors.

What to do now

Thinking about coming? We have a maximum of 20 spaces so it is important to RSVP.

We'll also be in contact one week before the meetup for the final kits purchase arrangements.

Want to know more?

Trystan has put together some information already that is quite helpful. See below:

• Build guide, this is how the kit looks like

• Set up and dashboard configuration


About EcoHomeLab

In our regular monthly slot – every second Thursday of the month at MadLab. A hangout for people taking control of their home energy usage and generation. We use open-source hardware and software to gain a better understanding of energy in our homes, how to make the best use of the energy we generate and reduce energy wasted.

This is a CarbonCo-op initiative working close together with OpenEnergyMonitor.

Topics will include:

• Home energy monitoring.

• House energy performance assessment

• Sensors – electricity, gas, temperature, humidity, air quality…

• User interfaces, dashboards

• Smart houses and automation

• Aggregation of data sources

• Taking the power back! – Making better use of the surplus power we generate


Who is it for?

• Anyone with skills in physical electronics, web development or programming who wants to use that knowledge to reduce energy and carbon!

• There will be open space for small groups to focus on adding new sensors or hacking the user interface, there will always be a 'newbies' group for people interested in finding out more.