Info Night: What’s So Smart About Smart Meters?

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If you want to take control over your energy usage but you are not sure whether connecting everything to the internet is a positive or a negative thing, this event about smart meters is for you. Carbon Co-op provides the venue and the experts, you only need to bring your questions and interest.

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This event is not only an info session about smart meters but also a possibility to enhance your own influence over your own life. Independent experts will analyse the positive and negative effects of smart meters, which the government seeks to standardize in the UK by 2020. In order to tackle the future head on, Carbon-Coop asked: is this a blessing or a curse? Our speakers will answer, among many other questions, the following:

• Are smart meters the future of individual control over energy bills or just another way our life is exposed to cyber surveillance? • How smart are the smart meters? • Are they safe to use? • What effect do they have on our carbon emission and energy usage? • Will they help us use less energy and therefore, to save more money?

Schedule 6.30 – Arrival 7.00 – 8.00 – Presentations 8.00-8.30 – Discussion

The event takes place Thursday, 20/07/2017 in The Briton’s Protection between 7pm -8.30pm. The next event of our Info Night series has a £3 suggested entrance donation for non-members. If you can spare 1,5 hours to find out about probably the biggest change which our energy measuring will go through in the next 10 years, we’d love to see you there! CLICK HERE for your tickets: Click GOING on Facebook:

Note: unfortunately, we will not able to provide refreshment.