Digital transformation and the Carbon Co-op Hub

Here at Carbon Co-op, our in house software engineering team has been working on our online presence for a little while now. We’ve been thinking about what digital services we provide now, and what new services we want to provide in the future – and we’ve been laying the groundwork for them. This is the … Read more

15 things that we learnt from Community Green Deal

Our ‘Powering Down Together’, is published to coincide with Community Energy Fortnight 2017. It reports on the retrofit of 12 owner-occupied solid-walled homes typical of Manchester’s housing stock. Read the summary report here ( and the full version here.( Here are 15 things that we have learnt from the project: 1.You can halve your home’s … Read more

What’s So Smart About Smart Meters?

Our recent Info Night was held in The Briton’s Protection on July 20 and we discussed the positive and negative aspects of the smart meter rollout which is currently under way. Our two speakers were Scott Alison, Smart Meters Implementation Manager at Electricity North West and Ben Aylott, Energy System Analyst at Carbon Coop. Many … Read more

Stop Fracking With Us

Carbon Coop joined trade unionists, renewable energy practitioners and divestment campaigners for a day of protest action outside the gates of Cuadrilla’s flagship fracking site at Preston New Road, Lancashire on July 14, 2017. Against the wishes of local communities, the government’s push for a ’new dash for gas’ has progressed and new fracking sites … Read more